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Your favorite hometown pet shop is about to become your favorite pet shop, period.

Under new ownership, Lacey Pet with Next Level Exotics will continue to provide the community with the same quality pet food, supplies, small pets, reptiles, and more along with the exceptional service you've come to know and love.


With change, comes improvement. Be on the lookout for these new and exciting additions to your favorite pet shop:


Top quality pet food brands with options such as weight management, grain free, and more to ensure your beloved pet is healthy and happy. Be sure to check out our loyalty programs!

An exciting new collection of exotic reptiles, amphibians, and fish.  Unleash your inner adventurer by experiencing Next Level Exotics, only found at Lacey Pet!


One of a kind, custom enclosures made specifically for your pet. These hand-crafted habitats are both functional and beautiful, blending seamlessly with your home to provide a window into a different world for you and your pet to enjoy.

Seasonal pond services such as openings, closing, new construction, waterfalls, water features, and one of a kind Koi Gardens.  Lacey Pet with Next Level Enclosures will also carry a large assortment of colorful Koi, pond plants, pond accessories, and more!


These are just a few of the exciting new additions being brought to Lacey Pet with Next Level Exotics, for more exciting news come visit us!



Danny and Colleen have been a part of the Lacey Township community their entire lives. Chances are, you've seen them at A's Home and Garden Center and already know about their dedication to great customer service and providing customers with unmatched expert advice.

What you may not know about, however, is their passion for animals and experience managing and running a small business. With over 50 years in sales and management between them, as well as their experience running several businesses such as Aquatic Art, Next Level Enclosures, and Neat n' Complete Cleaning, these two are ready to bring their talents and passion to the table to provide you with exceptional service and a one of a kind experience at Lacey Pet with Next Level Exotics.



To continue serving the community and staying true to our loyal customers while making newcomers want to become loyal customers by offering impeccable service, expert advice, quality products, and healthy pets in a happy, stress-free environment. 

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