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Find the Elephant

This time the elephant brought friends to help. There are 7 animals hidden in 7 small businesses within 5 miles of Lacey Pet. Each participating business is giving a free gift and all gifts will be in a huge mystery box awarded to the person that finds all 7 animals and then finds the elephant! Clues will be given daily for the location of each animal. See below for the rules on how to enter and participate:

  1. Share the post announcing this event on Facebook, then like and follow Lacey Pet on Facebook and Instagram

  2. Post pictures of your search using #findtheelephant or send them to us on Facebook or Instagram, be sure to show off all the amazing small businesses we have in our town!

  3. If you post a picture of another small business please remember to keep them positive (like a shrug instead of a thumbs down!) to ensure those not participating don't get the wrong impression about these awesome small businesses!

  4. Once you find a hidden animal, take a picture of it (for verification) but do not touch or take it!

  5. Once you have found all 7 animals report to Lacey PET for verification of the pictures and receive the final clue to find the elephant!

  6. If you find the elephant YOU ARE THE WINNER of the huge mystery box and the event!



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